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Low-ball them

Keep the typeface simple and sans serif. This makes your copy easy to read and keeps the page looking professional.

Trust is important — over 8% of your copy should include trust. Use words like: save, grow, team, leading, system and real.

We found that pages with fewer than 1000 words for business services convert better than those with more than 500 words.

Get the leads you need with the help of Titan PPC

Lead Gen Landing Pages.

We're a Premier Google  Adwords Partner with 25 years combined experience.  We drive serious leads for our Landscaping Clients

Google Adwords.

Google Remarketing.

Attract visitors of your page to come back and complete a quote form or pick up the phone to call. Included with every bundle.

Ian Snow

Accurate Cedar

Job Title - Owner

"Titan PPC has become a part of our team.  I love the fact we can talk to real people, it's not some gimmicky system, and it actually drives me quality leads.  I've hired 4 new people since starting with Titan PPC just to keep up. Business is booming!"

We've teamed up with so you know where all YOUR calls come from each day.  All calls are yours and can be tracked back for ROI with monthly reporting.

Custom Call Tracking.

We're a Premier Partner.  Unbounce is the worlds best landing page technology.  We've created thousands of high converting landing pages. 

Dedicated account managers for your Landscaping Business

Work with a team of dedicated Google Adwords Lead Gen Experts

We are a team of pay per click geeks that eat, sleep, breath, drink, laugh and cry over Lead Generation for B2C companies.  Over the past 12 years we have developed lead generation strategies for thousands of B2C service type businesses like yours.  We use the power of being a Google Premier Partner, and world class call tracking to drive you serious leads each month.  This is not a lead pool, these are 100% your leads and we're 100% transparent with everything we do.  Learn how hundreds of other service business like yours drive leads using our simple, straightforward and honest techniques today.

Pages dedicated for each service your offer

Drive serious leads using the most powerful tools


Custom Lead Gen Pages.

Your landscaping business deserves the best.  Everything needed in one place and we'll manage it all for you.

Our formula to amazing conversion rates & quality leads

A couple real deal service customers like your enjoying their leads

Online Marketing For Landscapers

Get the leads you need with the help of Titan PPC

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A Very Happy Client Case Study

We've done some really cool things driving a ton of leads for service type businesses.  We drive 300+ leads a season  for Accurate Cedar Fencing & Landscaping using custom pages & Google Adwords

Leads all go instantly to your inbox or phone

We create your page for you - zero hassle on setup

Pages are setup for each city/area you target

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We develop your search strategy from scratch

Google Adwords Partner

We drive you the highest quality, highest intent traffic.

Complete keyword research & breakdown

Complete account transparency. You see it all

Custom ads for GEO locations and services

Chris Grn

Landscaping & Pool Design

Job Title - Owner / Designer

"These guys helped me to drive a ton of new pool leads this summer.  The leads were of high quality and landed me 3 new custom pool designs.  My team has been crazy busy and I couldn't be happier"

Online Marketing For Landscapers

Get the leads you need with the help of Titan PPC


100% FREE consultation!

Online Marketing For Landscapers

Get the leads you need with the help of Titan PPC

100% FREE consultation!

-Complete transparency
-All leads are YOUR leads
-You see what we see
-Zero long term contracts
-Work with world class experts

-Flat monthly pricing


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